Why paying in advance a service without knowing  if quality will be there ?

At ARTIST-STUDIO,  you will pay a minimum deposit for booking your session. After making your photos available in  your privat gallery, you will be free to choose and buy only photo you will deem successfull.

You will not have any obligation to purchase.

Private Gallery will be available for 1 year.

A the end of this period, your gallery and its content will be physically deleted. You will have the possibility to anticipate this deletion at any time by request from the email address relating to your account.


Portrait, Beauté, Artiste, Puppy

16 € l'unité

Séance Portrait : 24€



32 € l'unité

Séance Corporate : 32€

Les prix sont exprimés TTC


Reportage mariage Civil ou Religieux

8 € l'unité

Reportage mariage : 240€ avec 30 photos offertes